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Oct 31, 2019

Halloween means Mephisto has kidnapped us again for a crossover, this time trapping us in the Dream Realm and forcing us to review comics for his amusement.  But our torment is your opportunity, as Al Sedano From Resurrections: an Adam Warock and Thanos Podcast and Jon M Wison, comics podcast mainstay join us to cover Sandman #17: Calliope and try to escape the realm of dreams.  


Content Warning:  The issue covered includes a brief, non-graphic, rape scene, which is discussed. Make your listening choices with that in mind.


Thanks so much to our guests as well as to Tim Price, who not only does a hell of a Mephisto as usual (see what I did there? But a perfectly eerie Morpheus, the Dream Lord.  Listen to him here as well as on the rest of the crossover episodes on:


Unpacking the Power of Power Pack

Secret Wars and Beyond  (I hear they have some awesome guests)

and Resurrections: An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast