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Dec 31, 2020

We close out 2020 and this phase of our podcast with the comic that we nearly started with.  Listen for one last comics hurrah before we change over to covering cartoons in 2021.  Reed Richards and Sue Storm get married but not before having to deal with Doctor Doom's nefarious wedding gift and a blind guy driving a...

Dec 17, 2020

Happy Holidays from Married with Comics!  Clinton Robison from Coffee and Comics as well as Fanfilm Fridays stops by to discuss one of his favorites and ours, the cleverly named, He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special!  Celebrate the holiday of your choice while we dive into this 55 minute long toy commercial in which...

Nov 1, 2020

It's Halloween, so that means Mephisto has compelled us into a spooky crossover yet again, this time with Tim Price and Sean from Secret Wars and Beyond podcast.  We cover Tomb of Dracula #44 and Doctor Strange #14 as the Lord of Vampires and Sorcerer Supreme fight to the death! Stick around as we veer off into tangents...

Oct 24, 2020

Jon matches wits with everyone's favorite 10 year old detective, and almost gets too distracted by how violent life was for the youth of the '60s to solve the case. Will he recover in time?

Oct 11, 2020

New episode!  Mephisto casts the dastardly Spell of Comics Apathy on us and only Tim Price, the Podcrasher can save us with one of our favorite comics of all time, Bone #10.  You'd be a stupid, stupid rat creature to miss this one!